1971 Indonesian Immigration Criteria for Restricting Entry of ‘Hippies’

In consideration of problems arising from the entry of certain foreign nationals into the Republic of Indonesia, particularly those who are commonly described as “Hippies”, The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has instructed to Indonesian Immigration Officers to refuse entry to, or expel anyone who can be designated under any of the following categories:

A. Anyone, male or female, improper and disorderly in dress, appearance and conduct.

B. Anyone affecting a style of conduct which offends against common decency, anyone infringing on property rights and the right to privacy of local citizens, anyone conducting and or attending abnormal religious rituals contrary to normal practice.

C. Anyone who can be classified as a vagrant, that is anyone without a fixed place of abode, anyone wandering around without a fixed destination, anyone using places open to, and commonly frequented by the general public, for sleeping, bathing, defecating, or any other activities which should normally be carried on in a confined area.

D. Anyone who makes use of or carries for use or sale, drugs of any description (ganja, marijuana LSD, morphine heroin etc) without written authorisation, instruction, or advice from a legally qualified doctor.

E. Anyone without a fixed destination of travel and without sufficient finances to cover expenses while travelling within the borders of the Republic of Indonesia.

Denpasar, November, 10th 1971
Chief of Immigration Bali,

Note: The status of this policy is now unknown